Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q – Which is the Best Indoor Camera?


Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q

The idea of home security cameras system is not a new one. We have all heard of “nanny cams”. In some cases, you may need to know what goes on when you are not around. There are also people who have had their home burglarized may want to be able to see inside to know it’s safe. These cameras give us peace of mind in an otherwise crazy world.

Arlo Q Plus - Wired PoE
Arlo Q Plus – Indoor Camera – Photo from Amazon

One of the more popular brands of indoor security cameras is the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Plus. At a single glance, these two cameras appear identical. Therefore, you may be wondering, “Which is the best indoor camera, and is it really worth upgrading?” We have taken an in-depth look at both so that we could help you make the best choice for your home security needs.

Features of the Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus

As the name implies, the Arlo Q Plus is the upgraded version of the Arlo Q security camera. Exactly how much of an upgrade, depends on what you plan to use it for. Some of the biggest features you will notice with the “Plus” is the addition of external storage options and ethernet. Other features include:

• 1080p Resolution: This allows you to record very high-quality video whether you want to playback on the phone, tablet, or PC.

• Night Vision: During the night, this camera can record things that are within 25 feet. This is due to the 850nm LED illumination.

•Large Field View: It has a wide-angle 130-degree lens so that you can see an entire room through it. This can be narrowed to see details more closely with the camera’s built-in zoom, which provides up to 8x magnification.

• Two-Way Audio: This feature allows you to communicate with someone in another room through the camera or simply listen to what is being said in that room without you around.

•​​ Easy to Use Apps for both iOS and Android devices: You can even use it with your PC. This allows you to arm or disarm your camera easily.

• Live Streaming Options: You do not have to wait until you are home to see what is going on there. The Arlo provides Cloud storage for your recordings. This is even more beneficial when combined with email or text alerts on motion detection. As a bonus, Arlo Q Plus offers you the option to store videos on a MicroSD card so you do not have to worry that something will be erased from your “Cloud”.

• Quick and Easy Setup: You can run this camera wireless or wired. It can record based on motion detection or sounds. It’s designed to work with Alexa, Fire TV, Google Assistant, and more. If you receive an alert, you can even contact emergency responders from your smartphone. This camera works for the things you need it to do, though some features are only available with a service plan.

Features of the Arlo Q

Arlo Q

When you look at the Arlo Q, you will find all the same features and benefits of the Plus, only smaller in a few cases. It can record high-definition quality videos and save them the Cloud. With it, you can record night or day with the “full room coverage area”. The same app works for both cameras and more. The Arlo Q can be set to come on at specific times, same as the Arlo Q Plus. This enables you to record at specific times or all the time.

The only thing that this security camera does not have is the ability to use wired ethernet or MicroSD storage cards. It is slightly older and there were some bugs according to users. Those bugs are gone with the revamping that has become the Arlo Q Plus.

Should You Upgrade to Arlo Q Plus?

With so many similarities between these two cameras, it seems impractical for some to consider the upgrade. However, there are reasons that you may want to consider it. For instance, if your home frequently loses signal from your internet router, you may want to use a wired connection that will not drop easily.

You may also consider it if you want the option to store videos outside of the Cloud because your included Cloud storage will roll over every seven days. At the 7-day mark, your videos will be erased and replaced with the next videos. This could be bad if you want to save the videos for a longer period of time.

Otherwise, it may not be worth it to upgrade since there are no real differences. They both perform well, install easily, and allow you to monitor everything that goes on at home or at your business when you are not there.

Our Opinion – Which Would We Choose?

We like both security camera options. We feel that they are both very capable of recording and monitoring what goes on in our homes and businesses. These two cameras allow you to see clearly what is going on, night or day. Even though you may be away from home or office, you are never in a position where you are completely away from it because of the very useful apps and alerts.

We like that we have the option to use the camera to talk to people in another room. It saves us a trip downstairs or out to the garage to speak with someone about, “What’s for dinner?”

Overall, as a nanny cam, watching the maid clean, and in general know when someone enters your home, both cameras are good. However, we do like the option to have a MicroSD card in use. We see it as an extra layer of protection because it can save important videos. The wired internet option can also be useful since the signal should never fade with wires included. The downside is that wired may limit where you can set it up. So, even this is negotiable depending on the usage of it.

Final Conclusion

Either of these cameras provide a solid option for home or office security. They can get the job done and perform the way you want. There is no “right” or “wrong” option for most people. It simply depends on what you want to use it for and where you want to set it up.

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