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10 Best Action Cameras and Camcorders for 2020 – Get Ready for Action


Ready, Set, Action-These Best Action Cameras Capture All the Important Moments!

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Every day, we enjoy certain moments in time that we wish we could always remember. These moments, whether watching kids perform on stage at school or scuba diving on vacation, they are what makes life truly great. Still images taken can keep the memory alive, but a better way for some situations is live action video.

With a video camera, you can capture more of the moments and relive every detail of the action. People’s conversations, childhood giggles, and more can be saved in high definition for years to come. With underwater camcorders, you don’t even have to worry about taking it to the beach, playing in their rain, or kayaking down the river. Can you imagine having those memories be “unforgettable” captured for all time?

Today’s action cameras and camcorders allow you to have live video recordings that your family can watch throughout the years. They are no longer just for weddings and birthdays. They can be used for millions of other life adventures. If this sounds like something you want to have, you should check out our recommendations for 10 best action cameras and camcorders for 2020!
Our Top 10 Action Cameras and Camcorder List

#1. GoPro HERO8 Black

GoPro HERO8 Black

The Hero8 waterproof action camera is the best action cameras on our list. It has a touch screen and records HD video as well as 12mp stills. Its streamlined design makes it compact enough for pockets. It is also very impact-resistant, which allows you to never worry that the action will be too much for it.

As for useful features, there are many for you to enjoy. It offers three different levels of stabilization, time warp capture options, and LiveBurst. It is ideal for all types of uses. It can do what you want it to do, whether you are new to capturing video or a professional level videographer.


Stable Images
Good Quality Photos
Good Battery Life


GoPro App Issues

Conclusion: This GoPro camera is an upgraded version. Generally, people who loved earlier versions like the image stabilization upgrade. However, others say that it is larger, which is slightly worse. No one seems to complain about the quality or usability of it.

#2. DJI OSMO Action

DJI OSMO Action Cam Digital Camera

If you want an action cam, this is a great option for many. This allows you to capture it easily no matter what is going on at the time. It even can transition naturally between light and dark areas. You can use custom mode, custom exposure settings, and more to make capturing your video a personalized experience. It even has voice control.

It has two displays and it is waterproof up to 11-meters. It has a watertight seal all the way around it and it is protected in every way that it can be.


Custom Exposure
Time-Lapse Video
Timed Shooting
Easy to use
Image Stabilization


No External Mic Capabilities
Photos Aren’t Always Stable

Conclusion: This action camera has a lot of delightful features that make it worth considering. Even some people who have negative thoughts about it say that it has features they love. To us, this means if you are looking for a good camera, this could be a great option.

#3. Victure AC700

Victure AC700 4K 20MP Action Camera

This very nice camera is listed as a 40m waterproof underwater camera with EIS Tech. It is a 20mp action camera with a video resolution of 4k/30fps. It has electronic image stabilization, which means that no matter what activity you are enjoying, it will be stable. Even if you aren’t.

It has an external microphone and works well as a helmet camera. There is Wi-Fi built-in and you can control all the action with remote control. Where will you go with this little recording device?


Easy to Use
Two Batteries Included
Great Video and Picture Quality
Remote Control
Good for Helmet Use


May Lack Some Features (Time Lapse)

Conclusion: Overall, this camera seems to be backed by a support team that tries to make the issues right if you have one. With this being said, very few people seem to really have issues with quality or performance.

#4. APEMAN A79


Apeman provides us with a 20mp camera with Wi-Fi, external microphone, and more. It has a remote control and can be used underwater up to 40m. This allows you to capture the moment and share it quickly.
It has a lot of recording options. You can create time-lapse videos, still shots, slow motion, loop recordings, and full auto mode. The viewing screen is a full 2.0″ from corner to corner, which allows you to see the action as you capture it.


Remote Control
Easy to Use
Good Capture Quality


Slow to Adjust (When Going from Light to Dark Areas)

Conclusion: This little camera can impress most who have it. It is small enough to fit in your hands and can go wherever you want it to go with ease. Overall, worth considering for most people who want features and usability.

#5. AKASO V50 Elite

AKASO V50 Elite

This camera allows you to say, “Goodbye” to all blurry images. It can record video at up to 720P/240fps or take still shots that can capture 20mp images. Either can be done using your voice to control it using simple voice commands.
As for features, this little camera has many. It includes Electronic Image Stabilization so that you can always be a part of the action and know that your video will still turn out clear. There are viewing angles so you can capture more, and it is waterproof for up to 131-feet. Are you ready to break out the scuba gear yet?


Vivid Photos and Videos
Voice Control
Touch Screen
Water Resistance


Shorter Battery Life Than Some Cameras

Conclusion: This camera has impressive features that many people love. Most say that it is better quality than some of the more expensive cameras. However, it isn’t the perfect option for everyone.

#6. AKASO EK7000 Pro

AKASO EK7000 Pro

This Akaso is a sport camera that comes with a helmet accessory kit. In other words, it is ready for you to use as soon as it arrives at your home, no matter what adventures you want to take part in. It’s even rated to be waterproof up to 131ft.

It is fully equipped with electronic image stabilization and an intuitive UI design. Simply touch the 2-inch screen and see the information that matters to you and your camera. It is through here you can switch modes, preview, and more. You also get the advantage of an adjustable viewing angle that ranges from narrow to super wide.


Several Modes to Choose From
4K Clarity and Colors
Easy to Use
Comes with Helmet Accessories
Remote Control


May Overheat
16 Mega Pixel

Conclusion: This action camera has had thousands of people buy it and remains a very high rated camera. It offers enough features and provides enough quality, that most people cannot truly say a lot of bad things about it.

#7. VanTop Moment 3

VanTop Moment 3

Just getting started with action cameras? The VanTop has you covered with basically everything you need. There is a carrying case, remote, and two batteries included. If you are upgrading or hoping to in the future, it also has GoPro compatible accessories.
The camera itself is a 16mp camera with Sony Sensor. This gives you improved image focusing and fast processing speeds. You can take photographs in single, burst, and time-lapse modes or record video at up to 120fps. The lens provides a 170-degree ultra-wide viewing area so that you can see everything you want to see.


Accessories Included
Water Resistance Up to 100ft
Instant Sharing Available


Formatting SD Can Be Tricky

Conclusion: Overall, this is a rather basic camera, which could be good for many people. However, if you want to create professional quality videos and images, there are many who say you will need to look elsewhere. This means your satisfaction may depend on what you plan to capture.

#8. Campark


This impressive little camera is designed for people who have a more active lifestyle. It provides HD video and 16mp images. This camera has a wide angle lens that shows 170-degrees. All videos and images are saved to a Micro SD card so that you can keep it on your device. However, it also allows you to connect via Wi-Fi so that sharing is instant.
Where will you go with this camera? Anywhere you want to. It can go up to 98-feet underwater and follow you in all other adventures as well. You can mount it with the mounting kit, and it will always resist everything that your busy life may throw its way. Two batteries that can record up to 90-minutes each further enhances the usability.


Good Battery Life
Wi-Fi or Micro SD Storage
Mounting Kit Included
Dust Resistant


No Charger Included
Not Great for 4k Recording

Conclusion: Although this camera says that it is 4k and it is capable, there are several people who feel it is lacking. However, most still say it is a solid performing camera, even with other, lower record quality settings, so it depends on what you want from it.

#9. VanTop 4K Action Camera 20MP Moment 4 Waterproof Best Action Cameras

VanTop Moment

When you want to live an adventurous lifestyle, you want a camera that can capture all your greatest moments. VanTop has that ability and provides you with everything you need to get started. This action camera comes with an accessory kit, two batteries, its own remote control, and more. It also has a lot of desirable features.

These features include 4k video ability from a 20mp camera lens. It can go up to 30m below water and virtually anywhere you want to go above water. Every image will be stabilized, smooth, and brilliantly colored.


Electronic Image Stabilization
Touch Screen
Remote Control
Accessories Included


No Wi-Fi Ability
App Difficult to Use

Conclusion: If you want stunning video and photographs, this could be the ideal camera for you. The app being a little confusing is basically its only issue as far as we can tell.

#10. BOIFUN 4K 20MP Anti-Shake Underwater Best Action Cameras


Going deep water diving has never been so easily captured as with the BOIFUN action camera. It can go up to 40-meters deep and take amazing photos and videos while you are there. This is thanks to its extreme protection against water, the ability to take 4k videos, and its 20mp lens.

It has built-in Wi-Fi ability so you can send all to your smartphone instantly. It includes a remote control as well as plenty of great features. This camera is designed for fun. It has several recording functions to prove it.


Fun Features
Good Battery Life


Images Can Be Dark at Times

Conclusion: Overall, we think this is an enjoyable camera for most people. It is a starter camera though and designed for fun. Therefore, it may not be 100% perfect for all.

Final Thoughts

Life has a tendency to toss in the fun and adventures. With any of these best action cameras, you will be able to capture all the moments that make life great. They come with the accessories and the features that will capture the vividness of your experience in outstanding color so that you can share it with all the people that you know.
There are some features and options that may be more desirable in a camera than others, but overall, none of these falls too far short of perfect for most people. They work as they should so that your moments can always be yours. You just have to decide which one you will choose to bring home. This is where the hard part comes in. It is going to be a very difficult choice!

Let us know which one your prefer among these best action cameras for your trip?

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