10 Best HD Mirror Dash Cams of 2020 – Front & Rear with Full Touch Screen


Because No Detail is to Too Small When You Are Behind the Wheel

In the last several years, more and more people have enjoyed having a video camera or dash cams in their vehicles. The reason for this is simple. It is designed to show actual proof of what happened if you are ever involved in an accident. It eliminates the “he said, she said” and gives evidence that is indisputable. This is the same reason that many emergency personnel has dash cams. It is a layer of protection for them.

junsun Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera
Junsun – HD Mirror Dash Cams – Photo from Amazon

Today’s dash cams are designed to do more. They see more. They operate without you having to turn them on and off. Now, instead of taking up dash space, they can also be put into a mirror. Mirror dash cams are touch screens and high definition. Many also come with the ability to show you front and rear-facing videos, so you always know what is going on around you.

Choosing the right dash cam can be tricky. There are some features that everyone wants. For this reason, we hope to provide you with a list of the top 10 best HD mirror dash cams of 2020. Each set includes front and rear cameras as well as feature a touch screen to make sure you capture the important stuff.

#1. AKASO Mirror Dash Camera for Cars

AKASO Mirror Dash Camera

Who says your mirror has to simply show you what’s behind you? This AKASO mirror dash cam may change the way you look at your car mirror. It is a 10″ backup camera and dash cam mirror all in one. You can also use it to stream media, DVR, and more. The G-Sensor is always ready when you are.

With this camera setup, you can expect an impressive 1080p and a wide 170-degree viewing angle. It is equipped with night vision so that no matter what conditions you are driving in, the view will always be clear. Parking line assist makes parking easier. In parking mode, your car is still able to record when someone messes with it.

Conclusion: Overall, this rear and dash camera is a great option for most. There are very few negative things that people can say, and those that have found issues contacted a supportive customer care team. For this reason, we would feel comfortable considering it for ourselves.

• SD Card Included
• Lots of Features
• Mirror Rather Than Dash Space
• Night Vision
• HD Video

• Large for Some Mirror Spaces
• Night Vision Not Always Great

#2. Karsuite M7 Backup Camera 12″ HD Mirror Dash Cam

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera

This 12″ mirror dash cam has an anti-glare touch screen. It has a simple interface and a quick response time. This ensures that you can know quickly what is going on in your blind spots.

With this dash mirror cam, you will receive a free 64GB TF card. It supports streaming media, G-Sensor technology, parking monitor, reverse assist, night vision, and more. The G-Sensor means that recordings will be kept automatically if you are involved in an emergency. Refunds are available for 30 days after purchase. After this, you have a one-year warranty.

Conclusion: Overall, most people feel that this is a good option that is easy to use. It is large enough to see comfortably. However, some do feel that this is also a bad thing because it can be a distraction for the driver once the sun goes down.

• 12 Inch Size
• Supports Up to 128GB Card
• Resolution up to 1920*380P
• Anti-Glare
• Touch Screen

• Night Use is Difficult
• Hard to Read

#3. VanTop H610 10″ 2.5K HD Mirror Dash Cam

VanTop H610​ 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

What is in your rear-view mirror? Most cars do not have easy access to recording through their mirror, but with VanTop, you can. This dual-camera mirror provides HD so that you can capture everything that goes on around you while you are driving.

It is a touch screen viewer that is fully equipped with the Sony Starvis sensor for improved night vision recording. The backup camera has parking assistance. Both front and rear cameras have loop recording, G-sensor, and parking monitors. You will never miss a moment on this 10″ IPS touch screen mirror.

Conclusion: Even people that have issues with this hd mirror dash cam still have things that they love about it. It provides good quality video and seems very responsive. However, it is not perfect in every way.

• HD Video up to 2.5k
• Wide Viewing Area (160-degree Front. 140-Degree Rear)
• Anti-Glare Touch Screen
• Night Vision
• Front and Rear Dash Cam
• Easy to Install

• Does Not Enter Parking Mode Automatically
• Reverse Car Lines Aren’t Adjustable

#4. HD Mirror Dash Cam by DUTERI D

This 9.66″ HD dash camera has a front-facing and rear-facing camera. These dual lenses record videos at 1920P and 1280P respectively. The mirror itself is a touch screen. It comes with a 32G TF card to ensure you capture the action when you need to.

As to features, there are many with this camera. It promises to have sharp colors day or night because of its fast exposure time. It also features a loop recording and G-sensor to protect videos that show an accident. Best of all though is a helpful support team that is available to you 24/7 if you ever need them.

Conclusion: Most people are impressed by this dash cam’s quality. It does all that it is supposed to so that you can know you are protected in the event of an accident. You will have a recording of what happened. The downside is that it is mostly for cars. Short wiring may not allow much reach.

• Easy to Install
• Clear Images
• Responsive Screen
• Quality Backup Camera
• G-Sensor

• Rear Camera Wire Short for Trucks

#5. Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam

Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam

This 9.66-inch mirror dash cam comes with a front and rear camera. It is waterproof and the mirror itself is touch screen so that you are in control of what you see. You can see reversing images when you are backing up and both cameras can record simultaneously.

This camera also offers matte night vision, which means you have a clear and consistent video no matter the time of day, or night) it happens to be. With automatic looping, you never have to worry about your video cameras having a memory that is too full for other trips. In the end, it is a worry-free operation.

Conclusion: This is a camera that most people find very impressive. It may have minor issues, but the biggest is that it misses the G-sensor. This is a major problem for some because it means you have to manually lock sensitive recordings.

• Simple to Use
• Good Video Quality
• Fog Proof Rear Camera
• Night Vision
• Backup Assistance

• No G-Sensor

#6. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam

With a resolution of 1080P, this 10-inch streaming media mirror, has sharp colors, an easy touch screen, and more. There is also a wide viewing angle, which can eliminate all blind spots for you. Night vision and safe parking features are also good for ensuring your safety.

You keep only what you need with this dual-camera setup. Loop recording provides continuous videos that erase as the memory gets full. However, if something important happens, G-sensors will automatically lock that video so it can’t be erased.

Conclusion: Overall, this seems like a great option for people who simply want to know that the camera is always rolling while they are in their car. It has some wonderful features, with a few small issues. Some of the small issues could be big issues for you. It depends on what you need/want from a mirror dash cam.

• G-Sensor
• Loop Recording
• Night Vision
• High Definition
• Wide Viewing Angle
• 24/7 Support Available

• Fingerprints
• Glare Possible

#7. DuDuBell 10″ HD Mirror Dash Cam

When you are looking for a mirror dash cam, you should consider one that is 10-inches of HD touchscreen technology. One that includes external GPS is even better. This is what you will find when you choose this rearview camera.

You get dual 1080P Starlight Cams, Sony sensors, and more. Both cameras have a wide-angle lens. The front camera is 170-6G and the rear is 140-6G. It is recommended that you have a GVPlayer to playback your recorded GPS videos. Installation is designed to be easy and there are many other features you may enjoy.

Conclusion: What could be better than having a rearview mirror that can record everything in the event of an accident and the location of it? This is what this camera provides. However, some glitches within the camera may make it imperfect for you. You simply have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for you.

• Motion Detection
• Parking Meter
• G-Sensor
• Tech Support Available
• Easy to Use

• Small Wire Length
• Somewhat Hard to Position on Window
• GPS Doesn’t Always Work Well

#8. DMYCO Car Mirror Dash Cam

DMYCO Backup Camera Car

This dash cam has a larger screen than many at 12-inches. It supports HD video recording of up to 2560P so that you never see anything blurry. It also provides a 170-degree wide-angle view.

The mirror itself is a touch screen and it offers multiple functions that people seem to want. This includes the ability to stream media, help while reversing, and loop record. It is fully equipped with a parking monitor, G-sensor, night vision, and much more, including a 12-month guarantee of a full refund or replacement and a Lifetime guarantee for support after that. You will also get everything you need to set everything up.

Conclusion: The people who want to always see more will love the fact that this is a 12″ HD mirror and a wide viewing angle that can be changed. However, it may not be perfect for all because there is a risk of glare.

• Large 12″ Mirror Display
• Easy Installation
• High-Quality Video
• Night vision
• G-Sensor
• Easily Switch Between Video and Mirror
• Helpful Support Team

• Glare
• Bright Car Lights When Driving at Night

#9. Junsun Mirror Dash Cam

junsun Mirror Dash Cam

This 10-inch, 170-degree wide viewing area mirror dash cam offers a 1080P high-definition video. Operation is easy with a very responsive touch screen. When you simply want a mirror, you swipe your finger and recording continues while out of sight.

Your videos will be stored if you are in an accident thanks to the G-sensor, but otherwise, this camera uses loop recording. This saves you from needing multiple storage cards. When parked, you will still be protected with a parking monitor. Everything installs easily and you can be on the road quickly.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a very good camera. It does not have GPS, which could be a minor issue for some people. However, it does have all the other features that you could want and seems very simple to work with in every way.

• Easy Installation
• Simple Use
• Good Customer Support
• Night Vision Works Well

• Short Wires to Rear Cam for Some
• Cannot Adjust Parking Guide Lines

#10. Mirror Dash cam by WiMiUS

Mirror Dash cam by WiMiUS

WiMiUS provides you with a 10-in mirror dash cam that has a humanized UI design. This makes it easy for most people to use. It can also record videos at up to 2560*1440P resolution with a wide 170-degree viewing angle in front and 140-degree in the rear.

Loop recording is an option. You can set it to loop at 1/3/5 minutes, day or night. There is a built-in parking guide option, G-sensor, motion detection, and more. The camera itself comes with a 2-year warranty. All you have to do is make contact with the sales department if you have issues with your dash cam.

Conclusion: This dash cam is one that most people will enjoy having. However, it is designed for cars. If you try to put it into a truck, the wiring may be short when connecting the rear camera. This is something you may want to consider.

• Night Vision
• Audio Recording
• G-Sensor

• Short Wire to Rear Camera

Final Conculsion

Dash cams are designed to provide you with a way to prove your case if you need it. They should be easy to use and lock the videos that will matter most. Each of the top 10 best HD mirror dash cams of 2020 on our list can do that with relative ease. They could all be a good choice for you, but this does depend on what you are specifically hoping for it to do.

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