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10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers in 2020

‘Cause You Never Know What Will Happen On the Road Ahead

For a truck driver, safe driving is one of the most important things. However, each day, truckers are accused of causing accidents. For this reason, many truckers feel it is necessary to have on-board protection. The best protection is a dash cam that will save videos when it matters the most-during an accident.

Homder Dash Cam Front and Rear
Homder – Dash Cam for Truckers – Photo from Amazon

Our top 10 best dash cam for truckers in 2020 provides the features that will truly matter. They have looping recordings, night vision, and more. Our hope is that you find a dash cam that will work well for you.

Our Top 10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers List

#1. Front and Rear Dash Cam from Homder

This dash cam has several features that are desirable in a trucking cam. It has a 7-inch monitor that can show you both ends of your vehicle. The front lens captures the action in 1080p so that you never miss out on any details. The rear backup camera is the same and you can switch your view easily.

This camera has a G-sensor which will automatically save video based on gravity acceleration. It locks the videos, so you do not have to worry about losing that important video. It even has a night vision, so you are protected 24/7.

All settings are easy to use and simple to set up. 12 months customer services are available on all purchases.

Conclusion: As first on our list, this is one very impressive trucking camera. It allows you to easily switch between front and rear cameras and see it all in clear detail. The large size can be a problem for some. You should take this into consideration before you buy it.

• Eliminates Blind Spots
• Records When You Need It Most
• Easy to Use
• Easy to Install
• Night Vision
• Waterproof Backup Camera

• Large Size
• Confusing to Install for Some

#2. HD Backup & Front Camera by eRapta

HD Backup & Front Camera

This camera is a great choice for anyone who wants a front and rear camera. It has a DVR with 1080p, advanced recording functions, night vision with 8 IR lights, and the rear camera is waterproof. When all are combined, you get a crystal-clear image.

In the dash camera, there are recording functions that will automatically save video if you are in an emergency situation. It will not be looped over. The rear camera ensures your blind spots are never blind again. This camera installs easily and is easy to set up the way you want it.

Conclusion: Overall, there are virtually no negatives to this dash cam and rear camera. We like that it is easy to install with clear instructions and feel that it would be a good addition to any trucking operation.

• Easy Installation
• Dual Cameras
• HD Quality
• Easy Setup
• Emergency Lock
• Night Vision

• Large

#3. Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam

Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam

This dash cam is fully equipped with infrared night vision and Sony sensors. It has four infrared lights on the inside camera and an f1.8 aperture. This dual-camera captures video at 1080p simultaneously or separately. The video speed is up to 30fps.

One thing that is great about it is how discrete it is. It has a low profile so you can tuck it away while still seeing everything it needs to see. It does record in a loop, meaning that as long as nothing goes on, the camera will always be recording over old videos. It is easy to install and use. When you turn on your vehicle, the camera will start recording. You never have to think about it.

Conclusion: If you need to see what is going on in the cab and in front of your truck, this is a good option. It delivers effective video without you having to think about turning it on and off. However, there are people who want it to do more.

• Wide Viewing Area
• Discrete Size
• Easy Installation
• Setup Is Easy
• Runs Automatically

• No GPS

#4. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam

Whether you want to see the road ahead or the cab behind you, this camera has you covered. You can view what it sees via a 1.5-inch LCD screen while it records through a 310-degree wide-angle dual lens.

It has night vision and records up to 30fps. This is due in part to 4 infrared LED lights. It records on a loop, but comes with a G-sensor that means emergencies will be automatically saved for you. This can prevent confusion when you need it to only think about your safety.

Conclusion: In general, we don’t think you could ask for a better performing camera. It has all the features most people want in a dash cam. Even without the rear camera, we see nothing major wrong with it.

• Good Customer Service
• High-Quality Video
• G-Sensor
• Night Vision
• Easy to Mount and Use

• Difficult to Format SD Card

#5. 3-in Dash Cam by OldShark

OldShark Dashboard Camera Car Recorder

One of the main reasons a truck driver wants a dash cam is to protect themselves. For that reason, this dash cam has a wide 170-degree viewing area and uses a 32GB card. It also has other features that will ensure all things are captured. It records in a loop to ensure it is always ready to watch how it happens. In the event of an emergency, it has a G-Sensor recording option and will automatically lock the footage.

This camera even records when you are parked if you need it to. In low light situations, it still will not miss whatever happens. Everything is “seen” and captured in 1080p detail. Simply mount it, plug it in and enjoy knowing it is watching out for you.

Conclusion: Overall, this does seem like a solid performing dash cam, though we can say it is probably not perfect for everyone. Darker images may be a bad thing and small buttons are definitely a consideration for some. In other ways, it is easy to use and does what it should.

• Plug and Use
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Records Automatically
• Parking Mode Available
• G-Sensor Ability
• Support Available

• Dark Images
• Small Buttons

#6. VSYSTO Dash Cam and More

VSYSTO Dash cam & Backup Camera

This dash cam proves that a truck driver can never have too much of a view. In one camera set, you will get four cameras for the dash, sides, and rear of your vehicle. The DVR camera records day or night through dual waterproof infrared night vision lenses. As it records, it is also viewable on a 7″ monitor. Can you imagine no more surprises?
Each camera covers a 120-degree wide-angle view. The side cameras can be linked to the steering wheel or turn signal so that when you make a turn, it will automatically switch to that camera. This ensures your safety and others. It can also record up to 10 hours of video while using 4 cameras simultaneously without looping. Just set so that when you crank it up, the cameras kick in.

Conclusion: If you want a basic dash cam, this could be a good solution. However, there are some people who simply hate everything about it. Our opinion is for you to choose wisely.

• 4 Cameras
• View All Sides of Your Truck
• Turn, Reverse, and Ignition Detection
• Up to 256GB Micro SD Supported
• Remote Included

• No Real Night Vision
• Not Easy to Use

#7. VSYSTO Vehicle Backup Dash Cam

VSYSTO Vehicle Backup Dash Cam

This 4-channel DVR has a 3″ monitor that can capture images in 1080p VGA. It has infrared night vision, G-Sensor, and more to ensure that you never have a blind spot when driving your big rig. It has a reverse camera with a reverse screen. Front cameras and side cameras are also HD and record up to 30fps.

This camera has been updated to IP68. It has a new interface, metal, and more. You can also record up to 12 hours without looping on the largest card. G-Sensor ensures that only the important things are kept.

Conclusion: This dash cam set has several very positive reviews. Most say it is easy to install and is backed by a very helpful support staff. Others say that it could be better, so we urge you to consider this option but make the right choice based on your needs.

• Decent Night Vision
• Good Picture Quality
• Motion Detection
• 4 Cameras

• No User Guide Included
• Dash Cam Not Good for All Truck Cabs

#8. TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

This dual dash cam allows you to record inside and out simultaneously. You can view what is going on via a 3-inch LCD screen. The camera that faces out has a G-Sensor, WDR, motion detectors, and a parking monitor so that you know every part of what is going on.

One of the best parts of it is that the cameras have 1080p. Its high definition and crystal clear no matter what is going on. It records continuously looping, but saves video if an emergency situation arises.

Conclusion: If you are someone who drives for a living, this is a great dash cam option. We like that it can be used to see both inside and outside of your vehicle. However, the fact that the manual may be difficult to follow could be a problem for some people.

• Useful in All Vehicles
• Parking Monitor
• G-Sensors
• Accessible Customer Service Team
• Can Record Audio
• Uses DC5V/1.5A Power
• Easy Installation

• Not Easy to Read Manual
• Suction Cup May Be Weak

#9. AUKEY Dash Cam

AUKEY Dash Cam

This low-profile dash cam can sit unnoticed by you or others behind your rear-view mirror. It has a wide viewing angle of 170-degrees. This means it can capture movements across six lanes.

This dash cam installs and removes easily using double-sided 3M pads. It is powered by your 12/24V socket and USB car charger. If you are concerned about charging your phone, there is a spare port for that.

Conclusion: Most people who purchase this dash cam say that it is the best camera they have ever owned, and they are happy with it. Then there are people who say it lacks the recording benefits that they want. They say it drops recording and cannot record well at night.

• Easy to Install
• Tucks Away Out of Sight
• GPS Available (Additional)
• Emergency Recording Mode
• Time-Lapse Recording Available
• 24-Month Warranty

• Unreliable Recording Mode

#10. Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam

Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

This HD camera has a wide-angle lens. The dash cam comes with a HD rear camera. It has built-in GPS logger, G-Sensor, WDR, and loop recording. Basically, everything you need to know that you are going to have everything that happens to your vehicle recorded.

With this camera, your recordings will stay for a little while. Then, it will loop to ensure that recording is hassle-free. The good news is that the G-Sensor will activate when a collision happens. It means that the video of that event will be automatically locked so you can turn it into your insurance company.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a good camera according to many people. We like that it has a GPS to pinpoint your location. We also like that the cameras work forward and backward to ensure your vehicle, and you, are safe. The downside is that it works with Windows and has a bad manual which could make setup difficult.

• Built-In GPS
• Front and Rear Camera
• G-Sensor
• High-Definition Videos
• Supports MicroSD Cards up to 256GB

• Bad Manual
• Windows Only PC

Final Conclusion

These dash cams are all capable of recording the stuff that matters most. Some have multiple cameras and all offer HD quality video recordings so that you can see everything clearly.

Which of the 10 best dash cams for truckers in 2020 will you choose? The beauty is that you have several options, even if you don’t choose one of the ones on our list. Our list is simply to give you an idea of what is available and what to look for in a dependable dash cam for your truck.

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10 Best HD Mirror Dash Cams of 2020 – Front & Rear with Full Touch Screen

Because No Detail is to Too Small When You Are Behind the Wheel

In the last several years, more and more people have enjoyed having a video camera or dash cams in their vehicles. The reason for this is simple. It is designed to show actual proof of what happened if you are ever involved in an accident. It eliminates the “he said, she said” and gives evidence that is indisputable. This is the same reason that many emergency personnel have dash cams. It is a layer of protection for them.

junsun Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera
junsun – HD Mirror Dash Cams – Photo from Amazon

Today’s dash cams are designed to do more. They see more. They operate without you having to turn them on and off. Now, instead of taking up dash space, they can also be put into a mirror. Mirror dash cams are touch screens and high definition. Many also come with the ability to show you front and rear-facing videos, so you always know what is going on around you.

Choosing the right dash cam can be tricky. There are some features that everyone wants. For this reason, we hope to provide you with a list of the top 10 best HD mirror dash cams of 2020. Each set includes front and rear cameras as well as feature a touch screen to make sure you capture the important stuff.

#1. AKASO Mirror Dash Camera for Cars

AKASO Mirror Dash Camera

Who says your mirror has to simply show you what’s behind you? This AKASO mirror dash cam may change the way you look at your car mirror. It is a 10″ backup camera and dash cam mirror all in one. You can also use it to stream media, DVR, and more. The G-Sensor is always ready when you are.

With this camera setup, you can expect an impressive 1080p and a wide 170-degree viewing angle. It is equipped with night vision so that no matter what conditions you are driving in, the view will always be clear. Parking line assist makes parking easier. In parking mode, your car is still able to record when someone messes with it.

Conclusion: Overall, this rear and dash camera is a great option for most. There are very few negative things that people can say, and those that have found issues contacted a supportive customer care team. For this reason, we would feel comfortable considering it for ourselves.

• SD Card Included
• Lots of Features
• Mirror Rather Than Dash Space
• Night Vision
• HD Video

• Large for Some Mirror Spaces
• Night Vision Not Always Great

#2. Karsuite M7 Backup Camera 12″ Mirror Dash Cam

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera

This 12″ mirror dash cam has an anti-glare touch screen. It has a simple interface and a quick response time. This ensures that you can know quickly what is going on in your blind spots.

With this dash mirror cam, you will receive a free 64GB TF card. It supports streaming media, G-Sensor technology, parking monitor, reverse assist, night vision, and more. The G-Sensor means that recordings will be kept automatically if you are involved in an emergency. Refunds are available for 30 days after purchase. After this, you have a one-year warranty.

Conclusion: Overall, most people feel that this is a good option that is easy to use. It is large enough to see comfortably. However, some do feel that this is also a bad thing because it can be a distraction for the driver once the sun goes down.

• 12 Inch Size
• Supports Up to 128GB Card
• Resolution up to 1920*380P
• Anti-Glare
• Touch Screen

• Night Use is Difficult
• Hard to Read

#3. VanTop H610 10″ 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

VanTop H610​ 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

What is in your rear-view mirror? Most cars do not have easy access to recording through their mirror, but with VanTop, you can. This dual-camera mirror provides HD so that you can capture everything that goes on around you while you are driving.

It is a touch screen viewer that is fully equipped with the Sony Starvis sensor for improved night vision recording. The backup camera has parking assistance. Both front and rear cameras have loop recording, G-sensor, and parking monitors. You will never miss a moment on this 10″ IPS touch screen mirror.

Conclusion: Even people that have issues with this mirror dash cam still have things that they love about it. It provides good quality video and seems very responsive. However, it is not perfect in every way.

• HD Video up to 2.5k
• Wide Viewing Area (160-degree Front. 140-Degree Rear)
• Anti-Glare Touch Screen
• Night Vision
• Front and Rear Dash Cam
• Easy to Install

• Does Not Enter Parking Mode Automatically
• Reverse Car Lines Aren’t Adjustable

#4. Mirror Dash Cam by DUTERI D

This 9.66″ HD dash camera has a front-facing and rear-facing camera. These dual lenses record videos at 1920P and 1280P respectively. The mirror itself is a touch screen. It comes with a 32G TF card to ensure you capture the action when you need to.

As to features, there are many with this camera. It promises to have sharp colors day or night because of its fast exposure time. It also features loop recording and G-sensor to protect videos that show an accident. Best of all though is a helpful support team that is available to you 24/7 if you ever need them.

Conclusion: Most people are impressed by this dash cam’s quality. It does all that it is supposed to so that you can know you are protected in the event of an accident. You will have a recording of what happened. The downside is that it is mostly for cars. Short wiring may not allow much reach.

• Easy to Install
• Clear Images
• Responsive Screen
• Quality Backup Camera
• G-Sensor

• Rear Camera Wire Short for Trucks

#5. Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam

Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam

This 9.66-inch mirror dash cam comes with a front and rear camera. It is waterproof and the mirror itself is touch screen so that you are in control of what you see. You can see reversing images when you are backing up and both cameras can record simultaneously.

This camera also offers matte night vision, which means you have a clear and consistent video no matter the time of day, or night) it happens to be. With automatic looping, you never have to worry about your video cameras having a memory that is too full for other trips. In the end, its worry-free operation.

Conclusion: This is a camera that most people find very impressive. It may have minor issues, but the biggest is that it misses the G-sensor. This is a major problem for some because it means you have to manually lock sensitive recordings.

• Simple to Use
• Good Video Quality
• Fog Proof Rear Camera
• Night Vision
• Backup Assistance

• No G-Sensor

#6. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam

With a resolution of 1080P, this 10-inch streaming media mirror, has sharp colors, an easy touch screen, and more. There is also a wide viewing angle, which can eliminate all blind spots for you. Night vision and safe parking features are also good for ensuring your safety.

You keep only what you need with this dual-camera setup. Loop recording provides continuous videos that erase as the memory gets full. However, if something important happens, G-sensors will automatically lock that video so it can’t be erased.

Conclusion: Overall, this seems like a great option for people who simply want to know that the camera is always rolling while they are in their car. It has some wonderful features, with a few small issues. Some of the small issues could be big issues for you. It depends on what you need/want from a mirror dash cam.

• G-Sensor
• Loop Recording
• Night Vision
• High Definition
• Wide Viewing Angle
• 24/7 Support Available

• Fingerprints
• Glare Possible

#7. DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam

When you are looking for a mirror dash cam, you should consider one that is 10-inches of HD touchscreen technology. One that includes external GPS is even better. This is what you will find when you choose this rearview camera.

You get dual 1080P Starlight Cams, Sony sensors, and more. Both cameras have a wide-angle lens. The front camera is 170-6G and the rear is 140-6G. It is recommended that you have a GVPlayer to play back your recorded GPS videos. Installation is designed to be easy and there are many other features you may enjoy.

Conclusion: What could be better than having a rearview mirror that can record everything in the event of an accident and the location of it? This is what this camera provides. However, some glitches within the camera may make it imperfect for you. You simply have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for you.

• Motion Detection
• Parking Meter
• G-Sensor
• Tech Support Available
• Easy to Use

• Small Wire Length
• Somewhat Hard to Position on Window
• GPS Doesn’t Always Work Well

#8. DMYCO Car Mirror Dash Cam

DMYCO Backup Camera Car

This dash cam has a larger screen than many at 12-inches. It supports HD video recording of up to 2560P so that you never see anything blurry. It also provides a 170-degree wide-angle view.

The mirror itself is a touch screen and it offers multiple functions that people seem to want. This includes the ability to stream media, help while reversing, and loop record. It is fully equipped with parking monitor, G-sensor, night vision, and much more, including a 12-month guarantee of a full refund or replacement and a Lifetime guarantee for support after that. You will also get everything you need to set everything up.

Conclusion: The people who want to always see more will love the fact that this is a 12″ HD mirror and a wide viewing angle that can be changed. However, it may not be perfect for all because there is a risk of glare.

• Large 12″ Mirror Display
• Easy Installation
• High-Quality Video
• Night vision
• G-Sensor
• Easily Switch Between Video and Mirror
• Helpful Support Team

• Glare
• Bright Car Lights When Driving at Night

#9. Junsun Mirror Dash Cam

junsun Mirror Dash Cam

This 10-inch, 170-degree wide viewing area mirror dash cam offers a 1080P high-definition video. Operation is easy with a very responsive touch screen. When you simply want a mirror, you swipe your finger and recording continues while out of sight.

Your videos will be stored if you are in an accident thanks to the G-sensor, but otherwise, this camera uses loop recording. This saves you from needing multiple storage cards. When parked, you will still be protected with a parking monitor. Everything installs easily and you can be on the road quickly.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a very good camera. It does not have GPS, which could be a minor issue for some people. However, it does have all the other features that you could want and seems very simple to work with in every way.

• Easy Installation
• Simple Use
• Good Customer Support
• Night Vision Works Well

• Short Wires to Rear Cam for Some
• Cannot Adjust Parking Guide Lines

#10. Mirror Dash cam by WiMiUS

Mirror Dash cam by WiMiUS

WiMiUS provides you with a 10-in mirror dash cam that has a humanized UI design. This makes it easy for most people to use. It can also record videos at up to 2560*1440P resolution with a wide 170-degree viewing angle in front and 140-degree in the rear.

Loop recording is an option. You can set it to loop at 1/3/5 minutes, day or night. There is a built-in parking guide option, G-sensor, motion detection, and more. The camera itself comes with a 2-year warranty. All you have to do is make contact with the sales department if you have issues with your dash cam.

Conclusion: This dash cam is one that most people will enjoy having. However, it is designed for cars. If you try to put it into a truck, the wiring may be short when connecting the rear camera. This is something you may want to consider.

• Night Vision
• Audio Recording
• G-Sensor

• Short Wire to Rear Camera

Final Conculsion

Dash cams are designed to provide you with a way to prove your case if you need it. They should be easy to use and lock the videos that will matter most. Each of the top 10 best HD mirror dash cams of 2020 on our list can do that with relative ease. They could all be a good choice for you, but this does depend on what you are specifically hoping for it to do.

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Vantrue N2 Pro Review: A Best Dual Dash Cam

Why Buy This Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam?

Aside from recording events that happen on the road like collisions, unruly pedestrians and motorists and other unexpected events, it’s also crucial to record video inside your car. If you offer ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft or you drive a taxi, interior cameras protect you from any incident. If you drive a family car, interior cams capture precious bonding moments with your loved ones. The Vantrue N2 Pro is a dual dash cam that can record front images as well as cabin activity even simultaneously.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual
Vantrue N2 Pro A Best Dual Dash Cam – Photo from Amazon

Introduction of Vantrue N2 Pro

The Vantrue N2 Pro is a double dash cam and inside the camera which can record clear video and audio and store it in an SD card or can be managed from a compatible mobile device via a downloadable app. It has enhanced features, improved video recording capabilities, and an optional GPS so you can collect real-time data about your vehicle on the road. It is one of the most popular, highly-rated on-dash cameras online and it could be yours too so check out this review.

Vantrue N2 Pro Review

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

• First impression
The very first thing that I have noticed with the Vantrue N2 is that it is mounted differently than other dash cameras as it is mounted like a dashboard mirror. It uses special suction hardware to keep it on your dashboard no matter what the temperature conditions may be. It is small but has an ominous lens in front, which can be easily seen by anyone outside the car and inside the car as well.

At the back is a small screen that gives you real-time footage of the road before you and the people inside the car (including you). This screen is too small, and you might need to squint to see what’s being displayed on it. It has very small buttons, and this you should be familiar with because it does not have an app that will let you manage videos from your phone.

The dash camera is housed in PC and ABS; this makes it resistant to extreme temperatures from -4 degrees to 194 degrees.

• Ease of use
Because it does not come with an app, it could be hard to manage video files. You must take out the memory card and view the files directly on your computer or laptop. Also, the overwrite feature and loop recording features are something to watch out for. It can record videos continuously, and if it runs out of space, it will overwrite old recordings, and thus, you might lose precious videos. To avoid this, you need to routinely check the memory card or use multiple cards. The Vantrue N2 only uses Vantrue micro SD cards which are not included in your purchase. The manufacturer does not recommend using Sandisk cards.

Installation is not a worry because it comes with suction hardware. It will only take seconds to install on your dashboard. It also comes with a car charger along with 10 feet of mini USB cable for easy power connections from the device to your car’s USB charging port.

• Recorded video and audio quality
The Vantrue N1 records automatically and even simultaneously. The front uses a sensitive OV4689 sensor while the rear comes with a Sony IMX323. It comes with enhanced night vision on both cameras with the front camera having F1.8, six –glass lenses while the cabin cam has F2.0 with four IR lights. You can record videos even when the cabin is completely dark, and the road has poor lighting as well.

When your car is parked, the dashcam will continue to guard it, and it can be triggered by sudden movements, people moving close to your vehicle and other cars moving very close to your car. On parking mode, the camera needs constant power, which can be supplied by an external battery source or use a hardwire set that’s sold separately.
And when a collision is detected, the car records using a loop recording feature and locks the recorded video and saves it to an events folder for future reference.

• GPS functions
You can check on your vehicle’s GPS so you can check driving routes, speed, location of your car, and more. However, this is not available when you purchase this device. You must purchase this feature and an extra mount available from Vantrue.

Specs & Features

• With a NOVATEK NT96660 processor
• 1.5-inch LCD
• Enhanced image sensor at the front and the cabin
• Improved front coverage and rear video recording
• Can accommodate micro SD cards up to 256GB
• With a mini 2.0 USB port
• Video playback on PC, TV and on the dashcam monitor
• Suction mount included
• Comes with car charger and long cord
• With parking monitor
• With enhanced night vision on front and cabin cameras
• With loop recording and locked video feature
• Records clear audio

• Mounts securely with a suction cup mount (included in your purchase)
• Can record high-quality video and audio
• With improved night vision features in the front and cabin cameras
• With a compact design
• Recommended by ride-sharing companies and taxi companies

• No wireless connectivity
• No compatible app
• You need to remove the SD card to save videos
• Controls on the device too small
• GPS features and mount not included
• Cannot work with other micro SD card only Vantrue cards (not included in your purchase)
• LCD screen very small

Final Word

The Vantrue N1 dashboard camera has a lot of features to love and a lot of features to feel wary about. It can record amazing videos from its front and cabin camera and can also capture clear images even on low lighting using its enhanced night vision. It has impressive sensitive sensors for an improved response during collisions and parking incidents. It installs fast, and it comes with appropriate hardware.

However, it has tons of disadvantages with a small LCD screen, no smartphone app functions, and micro SD card compatibility issues. You must consider these negatives if you want to find a good, proper dash camera for your car and your family.

And if you think that the Vantrue N1 pro dual dash cam is for you, check this out now.

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Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam Review: Full HD Discreet Design Dash Cam

Why Buy This Product?

Collisions are unexpected and dangerous, and when you don’t have evidence to prove your case, you’ll end up losing money and valuable time. A dashboard camera such as the Rexing V1 automatically records footage of the road and helps you stay safe and secure. It can capture accidents, collisions, pedestrians, and anything you can encounter while driving. It has features that are not found in other ordinary dashboard cameras like low lighting recording, powerful capacitor, and Wi-Fi capacity. Having a dashboard camera like the Rexing V1 is like having a hidden witness to whatever happens on the road.

Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam
Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam – Photo from Amazon

What is Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam?

The Rexing V1 is an ultra-high-definition dash camera that has a wide-angle recording for a better view of the road. It has a sensitive G-sensor that will detect any unexpected movements and start the device recording right away. It is intuitive and will keep watch even when your car is parked. It connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and can be controlled using an app that’s downloadable from a mobile device. It has many more features that you may find handy in a dashboard camera.

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam Review

Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

• First impression
When you see the Rexing V1 for the first time, you would surely underestimate its capabilities. It has a simple design, medium-sized LCD screen, and is mounted on your dashboard for easy recording. The V1 comes with mounting hardware; however, you might consider a better alternative to adhesive mounts. A compatible suction cup mount from Rexing is available for purchase. There are only a few buttons on the device, and the best way to access this device’s memory is via an app.

• Ease of use
Because this may be controlled using a smartphone app, you can easily manage video recordings, change some camera settings, and save footage and images captured as evidence. You need to save recorded video to a PC or drive because if this is not done, this device can record over these files. When there is an unexpected movement while the car is parked, the G-sensor instantly records video and locks it. All locked videos cannot be overwritten and thus saves your video evidence.

It comes with a supercapacitor that can help make your device withstand extreme temperatures and prevent overheating. You don’t need to do anything to record video; all you need to do is to start your engine.

Installation is simple but questionable with just an adhesive mount. Maybe this is the best option to hide the Rexing V1 from view. But to secure the dashcam, it’s better to use a suction mount or an alternative brace because protecting the device is securing your precious videos.

• Recorded video and audio quality
The Rexing V1 records 2160p 4K resolution videos, and this means it can capture images in ultra-high definition even when your car is speeding. It comes with an adaptive feature that fine-tunes video to come up with balanced images and recordings. It also records clear audio inside the vehicle, which can also be used as crucial evidence in the event of a collision. Video recordings can already be saved and shared wirelessly to your mobile device. You can view the recording and save important files or send them to authorities for immediate action.

• Connectivity
When not connected to the web, this device records on a micro SD memory card, and it can accommodate up to 256GB capacity cards. Cards should be formatted first using the format feature on the V1. You may use recommended micro SD memory cards like the Kingston Canvas Go!, Kingston Canvas React, or the SanDisk High Endurance.

When connected to the web via Wi-Fi, recordings can be immediately sent to your device through an app interface. You have the option to view, save, or discard the recording.

It may be connected to a car USB port for power; however, this may not suffice. The manufacturer recommends using smart hardware that is sold separately. You may also use the car charger, which is included with the package.

• GPS functions
The Rexing V1 has an optional GPS feature that is available from the GPS Logger app. Here, you can see real-time data of your location, speed, and many more. Your vehicle’s location is displayed on an app on Google Maps. However, this app is not for free, and you must purchase it separately.

Specs & Features of Rexing V1

• With 2.4-inch LCD screen
• Small and compact may remain hidden
• Connects via Wi-Fi
• With sensitive G-sensor
• With loop recording
• Controlled using a mobile app
• Can accommodate memory cards up to 256GB
• With overwrite recording functions
• Made from durable materials
• With complete accessories

• Can record clear video and audio
• With a simple yet discrete design
• Can withstand extreme temperatures on the dashboard
• Can connect via Wi-Fi and transfer files as well
• Watches over your car when it is parked
• No worries recording with the loop record
• Gravity sensor detects from the slightest movement to damaging collisions
• With a wider field of vision
• Can fine-tune videos
• Optional GPS keeps your data on the road

• Will record on important footage if you are not careful
• G-sensor is very sensitive, will record right away
• The screen is too small
• Smart hardware kit, GPS logger and improved suction cup mount sold separately

Final Word

The Rexing V1 dashboard camera is a small but powerful recording device that you can trust on the road. It keeps close watch with its larger field of vision, improved video recording, and enhanced features. It will automatically record, so you don’t need to remember to power it on. It has a sensitive sensor; some find this too sensitive, which can detect slight movements, especially when the car is parked. This lets you capture footage of car break-ins, theft, and vandalism. It connects to an app, is easy to use and installation is a breeze. It could be a good dashboard camera to check out to protect you and your family. And if you think that the Rexing V1 is the best for your vehicle and your safety, check this dash cam out today.