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Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q – Which is the Best Indoor Camera?

Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q

The idea of home security cameras is not a new one. We have all heard of “nanny cams”. In some cases, you may need to know what goes on when you are not around. There are also people who have had their home burglarized may want to be able to see inside to know it’s safe. These cameras give us peace of mind in an otherwise crazy world.

Arlo Q Plus - Wired PoE
Arlo Q Plus – Indoor Camera – Photo from Amazon

One of the more popular brands of indoor security cameras is the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Plus. At a single glance, these two cameras appear identical. Therefore, you may be wondering, “Which is the best indoor camera and is it really worth upgrading?” We have taken an in-depth look at both so that we could help you make the best choice for your home security needs.

Features of the Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus

As the name implies, the Arlo Q Plus is the upgraded version of the Arlo Q security camera. Exactly how much of an upgrade, depends on what you plan to use it for. Some of the biggest features you will notice with the “Plus” is the addition of external storage options and ethernet. Other features include:

• 1080p Resolution: This allows you to record very high-quality video whether you want to playback on the phone, tablet, or PC.

• Night Vision: During the night, this camera can record things that are within 25 feet. This is due to the 850nm LED illumination.

•Large Field View: It has a wide-angle 130-degree lens so that you can see an entire room through it. This can be narrowed to see details more closely with the camera’s built-in zoom, which provides up to 8x magnification.

• Two-Way Audio: This feature allows you to communicate with someone in another room through the camera or simply listen to what is being said in that room without you around.

•​​ Easy to Use Apps for both iOS and Android devices: You can even use it with your PC. This allows you to arm or disarm your camera easily.

• Live Streaming Options: You do not have to wait until you are home to see what is going on there. The Arlo provides Cloud storage for your recordings. This is even more beneficial when combined with email or text alerts on motion detection. As a bonus, Arlo Q Plus offers you the option to store videos on a MicroSD card so you do not have to worry that something will be erased from your “Cloud”.

• Quick and Easy Setup: You can run this camera wireless or wired. It can record based on motion detection or sounds. It’s designed to work with Alexa, Fire TV, Google Assistant, and more. If you receive an alert, you can even contact emergency responders from your smartphone. This camera works for the things you need it to do, though some features are only available with a service plan.

Features of the Arlo Q

Arlo Q

When you look at the Arlo Q, you will find all the same features and benefits of the Plus, only smaller in a few cases. It can record high-definition quality videos and save them the Cloud. With it, you can record night or day with the “full room coverage area”. The same app works for both cameras and more. The Arlo Q can be set to come on at specific times, same as the Arlo Q Plus. This enables you to record at specific times or all the time.

The only thing that this security camera does not have is the ability to use wired ethernet or MicroSD storage cards. It is slightly older and there were some bugs according to users. Those bugs are gone with the revamping that has become the Arlo Q Plus.

Should You Upgrade to Arlo Q Plus?

With so many similarities between these two cameras, it seems impractical for some to consider the upgrade. However, there are reasons that you may want to consider it. For instance, if your home frequently loses signal from your internet router, you may want to use a wired connection that will not drop easily.

You may also consider it if you want the option to store videos outside of the Cloud, because your included Cloud storage will roll over every seven days. At the 7-day mark, your videos will be erased and replaced with the next videos. This could be bad if you want to save the videos for a longer period of time.

Otherwise, it may not be worth it to upgrade since there are no real differences. They both perform well, install easily, and allow you to monitor everything that goes on at home or at your business when you are not there.

Our Opinion – Which Would We Choose?

We like both security camera options. We feel that they are both very capable of recording and monitoring what goes on in our homes and businesses. These two cameras allow you to see clearly what is going on, night or day. Even though you may be away from home or office, you are never in a position where you are completely away from it because of the very useful apps and alerts.

We like that we have the option to use the camera to talk to people in another room. It saves us a trip downstairs or out to the garage to speak with someone about, “What’s for dinner?”

Overall, as a nanny cam, watching the maid clean, and in general know when someone enters your home, both cameras are good. However, we do like the option to have a MicroSD card in use. We see it as an extra layer of protection because it can save important videos. The wired internet option can also be useful since the signal should never fade with wires included. The downside is that wired may limit where you can set it up. So, even this is negotiable depending on the usage of it.

Final Conclusion

Either of these cameras provide a solid option for home or office security. They can get the job done and perform the way you want. There is no “right” or “wrong” option for most people. It simply depends on what you want to use it for and where you want to set it up.

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Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2-Which HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera is Best?

When it comes to choosing the right camera for your home security, you have a lot of options. Not only do you have different manufacturers, but you also have upgrades within them. Each promise to be the best, but it is often difficult to really know which will meet your needs the best.

For instance, one camera brand that is very popular is Arlo. Arlo cameras are liked for their value and their quality. They provide a few different buying options. We will look at three of their most popular indoor/outdoor cameras to try and help you decide which will meet your needs the most.

Arlo Vs. Arlo Pro Vs. Arlo Pro 2 – A Look at Each


Arlo - Add-on Camera

The original Arlo requires a base station and then multiple cameras can be added to that base. Each camera works with Alexa. They operate wirelessly so that you can put them anywhere you need them. It has night vision, motion activation, and will send you an email when motion has been detected. With the camera, you have seven days of rolling cloud storage. They are weather-resistant, meaning they can work properly regardless of the weather. The ideal temperature range is 32-122-degrees F.

For best results, you should mount your camera approximately 7-feet up and aim it downward to cover your viewing area. You should also keep in mind that it works most accurately for movements that are 5-10ft from the camera. The battery life is typically a few weeks between charges.

• Camera Resolution of 720p
• Night Vision Limit of 20-25-feet
• Extra Storage Options
• Usable with All iOS and Android Devices
• Scheduling Available

• Lag in Motion Detection to Recording Start
• No Two-Way Talk Option
• Battery Life

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System

The Arlo Pro has many of the same features as the original Arlo. It is wire-free exceeding 300-ft line of sight, needs a base, is resistant to weather concerns, and more. For as impressive as the Original was, there were still parts of it that needed upgrading. On this, the Arlo Pro has done well.

The upgrades that you will find with the Pro are impressive. One of the most important is that the 5-second delay has been lessened to only around a 3-second motion/record delay. This does depend on your settings.

It has 850 nm LEDs that will illuminate a space of up to 25ft during the darkest hours of the night. It has a field view of 130-degrees and the ability to record images as close as 2-ft. The HD video quality you can expect is up to 1280 x 720. This camera includes 2-way audio, 7-day roll over Cloud storage, and works with Alexa as well as others.

• Wireless
• Quick Charge Batteries
• Smart Siren on Base
• Two Way Audio
• Night Vision
• SD Card Storage Option
• Shorter Delay Time

• Doesn’t Operate Well When Very Cold
• Siren Isn’t on Cameras

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System

As the name, Arlo Pro 2, implies; this camera should feature several improvements over the other two. One of the biggest improvements is the quality of its video recordings. These cameras will record up to 1080p. This HD-quality means that images will be captured and show more clearly than ever. It can also be used plugged in. This means you do not have to worry about recharging batteries if you are near a wall outlet and do not mind wires.

As with other options, this one is wire-free, weatherproof, and works with Alexa. It includes free Cloud storage as others. It is equipped with 2-way audio and has SD storage available with a card slot.

• Optional 27/7 CVR Indoors
• Set Activity Zones Indoors
• 3-Second Lookback
• Smart Siren
• 2-Way Audio
• Wireless or Plugged In
• HD 1080p Video
• Brighter Night Vision Video Than Previous Versions
• Continuous Video Recording Option

• Battery Charge of Up to 3-Months
• Some Features Will Only Available When Plugged In

Which Features Are Best?

If you are looking for a security camera you know that features can make all the difference. However, it definitely depends on what you want from your camera and how you plan to use it. Each of these security cameras is designed to capture the key moments. The cameras themselves are interchangeable. If you want your camera to capture more, you will need to begin by choosing the right base. Then, you can link better cameras in key areas and choose more affordable based on less active areas.

Beyond that, a siren that can be turned off or on via your smartphone may be a great option for some people, while others may feel that it is unnecessary. If you want HD recordings so that you can see faces or animals clearly, then a higher definition camera may be preferable for you.

Some features, such as continuous recording, 24/7 CVR recordings, etc., require you to be plugged in. If the area where you want your camera does not have a power supply, this could mean it isn’t the right option for you.

To put it in perspective, we will look at the features and provide you with the option that is perhaps best for it.

• Battery Charge: The Arlo Pro seems to be the best because it has a battery life between charges of up to 6 months. However, if plugged in works for you, the winner is the Arlo Pro 2.

• HD Video Quality: The Highest quality video recordings are found on the Arlo Pro 2.

• Night Vision Quality: All Three Are Comparable, but the Arlo Pro 2 seems brighter.

• Motion to Record Sensitivity: The Arlo Pro has less lag than the Arlo, but many people enjoy having the 3-second look back on the Arlo Pro 2. It fills in the gap between no activity and motion record.

• Two Way Talk: The Pro and Pro 2 both have the “push to talk” ability, which will allow you to talk to someone remotely if the need arises.

• Scheduled Recording: All three cameras can be turned on and off via your smartphone. This means that they can also be scheduled via an installed app.

Which Camera is Best Overall?

Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2

Deciding which is best is not an easy choice. All three cameras and bases are good for specific situations. If you want to record indoors, all three can work very well with multiple cameras in multiple places around your home.

When it comes to outdoor use, the three can also be effective. However, you may lose some when the temperatures get very cold. This could be something you should keep in mind. The biggest issue with cold is that it can make the low battery light turn on, which means it may slow down on response time. The remedy to this is to keep your cameras plugged at all times.

Each camera can record up to 300ft from the base. The downside is “line of sight”. Your range may be lessened if the signal has to go through walls and windows.

Neither camera will record or pick up on movements that come at them directly. This means if you want to record an area near your front door, you should mount the camera so that it has a side-glance of the door and not at your doorway looking out to your driveway. All have wide-angle views to allow people or animals to walk into view and then into the “center”. Mounting it higher up and then angling the view downward will further your chances of successful movement detection.

If battery life is your primary concern, you should know that battery life between charges can be increased or decreased based on certain settings. If you schedule it to come on at specific times rather than all day-you increase your battery life. Lowering the camera’s video quality can also save battery power.

Final Conclusion

In the world of home surveillance and security, you have options. In the battle of Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2-which HD indoor/outdoor camera is best, it is a really difficult choice. There is not one single camera option that is going to be a “hands-down winner”.

Overall, we do feel that the original Arlo is best suited for people that simply want to “see” what is going on in and around their homes. Others who feel that someone or something is coming around and is trying to find a solution may want to consider one of the upgraded options. They have a faster motion detection ability and clear HD video recording so that you will know exactly what is going on.

Beyond that, if you cannot install your camera near an outlet, you may be just as happy to stick with the Arlo Pro, since many of the features of the Pro 2 require you to have it plugged in. If plugging in is not an option, you mostly gain a higher-definition video quality, which can be important enough to justify it for some, but not all, people.

In our opinion, no matter which you choose, the Arlo brand of camera should provide you with enough benefits and security that you will be pleased with your purchase.