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Why Buy This Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam?

Aside from recording events that happen on the road like collisions, unruly pedestrians and motorists, and other unexpected events, it’s also crucial to record video inside your car. If you offer ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft or you drive a taxi, interior cameras protect you from any incident. If you drive a family car, interior cams capture precious bonding moments with your loved ones. The Vantrue N2 Pro is a dual dash cam that can record front images as well as cabin activity even simultaneously.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual
Vantrue N2 Pro A Best Dual Dash Cam – Photo from Amazon

Introduction of Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2 Pro is a double dash cam and inside the camera which can record clear video and audio and store it in an SD card or can be managed from a compatible mobile device via a downloadable app. It has enhanced features, improved video recording capabilities, and an optional GPS so you can collect real-time data about your vehicle on the road. It is one of the most popular, highly-rated on-dash cameras online and it could be yours too so check out this review.

Vantrue N2 Pro Review

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

• First impression
The very first thing that I have noticed with the Vantrue N2 is that it is mounted differently than other dash cameras as it is mounted like a mirror dash cams. It uses special suction hardware to keep it on your dashboard no matter what the temperature conditions may be. It is small but has an ominous lens in front, which can be easily seen by anyone outside the car and inside the car as well.

At the back is a small screen that gives you real-time footage of the road before you and the people inside the car (including you). This screen is too small, and you might need to squint to see what’s being displayed on it. It has very small buttons, and this you should be familiar with because it does not have an app that will let you manage videos from your phone.

The dash camera is housed in PC and ABS; this makes it resistant to extreme temperatures from -4 degrees to 194 degrees.

• Ease of use
Because it does not come with an app, it could be hard to manage video files. You must take out the memory card and view the files directly on your computer or laptop. Also, the overwrite feature and loop recording features are something to watch out for. It can record videos continuously, and if it runs out of space, it will overwrite old recordings, and thus, you might lose precious videos. To avoid this, you need to routinely check the memory card or use multiple cards. The Vantrue N2 only uses Vantrue micro SD cards which are not included in your purchase. The manufacturer does not recommend using Sandisk cards.

Installation is not a worry because it comes with suction hardware. It will only take seconds to install on your dashboard. It also comes with a car charger along with 10 feet of mini USB cable for easy power connections from the device to your car’s USB charging port.

• Recorded video and audio quality
The Vantrue N1 records automatically and even simultaneously. The front uses a sensitive OV4689 sensor while the rear comes with a Sony IMX323. It comes with enhanced night vision on both cameras with the front camera having F1.8, six –glass lenses while the cabin cam has F2.0 with four IR lights. You can record videos even when the cabin is completely dark, and the road has poor lighting as well.

When your car is parked, the dashcam will continue to guard it, and it can be triggered by sudden movements, people moving close to your vehicle and other cars moving very close to your car. On parking mode, the camera needs constant power, which can be supplied by an external battery source or use a hardwire set that’s sold separately.
And when a collision is detected, the car records using a loop recording feature and locks the recorded video and saves it to an events folder for future reference.

• GPS functions
You can check on your vehicle’s GPS so you can check driving routes, speed, location of your car, and more. However, this is not available when you purchase this device. You must purchase this feature and an extra mount available from Vantrue.

Specs & Features

• With a NOVATEK NT96660 processor
• 1.5-inch LCD
• Enhanced image sensor at the front and the cabin
• Improved front coverage and rear video recording
• Can accommodate micro SD cards up to 256GB
• With a mini 2.0 USB port
• Video playback on PC, TV, and on the dashcam monitor
• Suction mount included
• Comes with car charger and long cord
• With parking monitor
• With enhanced night vision on front and cabin cameras
• With loop recording and locked video feature
• Records clear audio

• Mounts securely with a suction cup mount (included in your purchase)
• Can record high-quality video and audio
• With improved night vision features in the front and cabin cameras
• With a compact design
• Recommended by ride-sharing companies and taxi companies

• No wireless connectivity
• No compatible app
• You need to remove the SD card to save videos
• Controls on the device too small
• GPS features and mount not included
• Cannot work with other micro SD card only Vantrue cards (not included in your purchase)
• LCD screen very small

Final Word

The Vantrue N1 dashboard camera has a lot of features to love and a lot of features to feel wary about. It can record amazing videos from its front and cabin camera and can also capture clear images even on low lighting using its enhanced night vision. It has impressive sensitive sensors for an improved response during collisions and parking incidents. It installs fast, and it comes with appropriate hardware.

However, it has tons of disadvantages with a small LCD screen, no smartphone app functions, and micro SD card compatibility issues. You must consider these negatives if you want to find a good, proper dash camera for your car and your family.

And if you think that the Vantrue N1 pro dual dash cam is for you, check this out now.

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